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The NEW ENVIRONMENT BULLETIN. Monthly newsletter of the Association. Contains articles, book reviews, commentaries, reports of recent activities, schedule of upcoming events, letters, etc. Usually 6 pages.
If you are in the U.S.A., send $12 for one year, $22 for two years; if elsewhere, send $16 for one year, $30 for two years โ€” to:
Jim Thompson, 88 Ripplebrook Lane, Minoa, NY 13116, USA.
Write your check to "New Environment Association." From other countries, please send draft for US dollars (drawn on a US bank), an international money order, or cash.
For a sample copy of the Bulletin and N.E.A. brochure, send $1 to Jim Thompson at the above address.

Back issues of the Bulletin contain a historic record of the Association, as well as many articles of continuing interest. Back issues are available in two-year sets ('74-'75, '76-'77, etc.) for $5 each. Order from Jim Thompson at the above address.

Note: We do not share or sell mailing lists.

Order publications other than the Bulletin from:
The New Environment Association, 270 Fenway Dr., Syracuse, NY 13224 USA.

THE NEW ENVIRONMENT PROCESS. 12 page pamphlet. 75ยข plus postage.

THE NEW ECONOMICS: A collection of articles on economic and environmental issues. Published 1999. 144 pages, spiral bound. $5 plus postage. (Click on title for details.)


Click here to contact Harry and Pat Schwarzlander , members of the New Environment Council.


Non-members are welcome at most activities of the New Environment Association. Regarding any particular upcoming event, contact the facilitator listed in the schedule, or the above.


By becoming a member of the New Environment Association, you are indicating that you have an active interest in the Association โ€” and that you want to be "counted in," โ€” and you are also providing some modest support. Members can initiate activities, and help start New Environment groups in other locations. Membership is on an individual basis, and does not include Bulletin subscription.
For a 1 year membership (called Participant membership), send $25 along with your name, address and phone number to: Charlotte Haas Quirk, 1200 Euclid Ave., Syracuse, NY 13210, USA.
Please indicate also your particular interests.


We try to keep in touch with various other folks. From time to time we list here some whose sites you may want to visit:

Dancing Rabbit - These folks have created and are operating an ecological community
Silver Waters - Lake Ontario sailing, history, conservation and environmental issues

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