Current and Ongoing Activities of the New Environment Association

The New Environment Council
(meets approximately monthly)
Responsible for the functioning of the Association and guiding the New Environment Process
The New Environment Bulletin
Monthly newsletter of the Association: serves to keep readers informed and connected; helps to build community; gives a better understanding of the Old Environment and illuminates the New Environment Process.
General Meetings
(approximately monthly in Syracuse)
Serve to build community, to understand the Old Environment, and clarify the New Environment, as well as provide local outreach.
Study Groups
(once or twice/year)
To study and discuss recent books relevant to the New Environment Process.
Build community and in other ways advance the New Environment Process.
N.E.A. Land Search
Search for a suitable property that can become the base for a New Environment Educational Center.
New Environment Institute Board
(meets approximately monthly)
Provides planning and direction for the New Environment Institute, Inc.: the educational and service arm of the Association
N.E.A. Library
(available to members)
An alternatives library with a pamphlet and newsletter collection, journals and monographs: all catalogued
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Project
(ongoing - click for details)
Helps support local organic farming and provides more access to fresh organic produce to Syracuse area residents.
Sacred Dance Evenings
For enjoyment; to integrate body, mind and spirit; a ritual to enhance our community.
New Economics Reader
(copies are still available - click for details)
For dissemination of alternative economic ideas
The New Environment Process
Available pamphlet
Guidelines for creating a sustainable society which we try to follow in the New Environment Association
The Psychophysical Complex
Booklet being prepared for publication
To disseminate this important thinking tool and different way of looking at the world.
Quotes for the New Millennium
Book being prepared for publication
Collection of inspiring quotes from the first 300 issues of the New Environment Bulletin.
Annual Reports
Published annually and disseminated to all members
Serves as review and feedback mechanism, and to inform newcomers

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